Hire a Freelance Writer You’d Like to Recommend!

Having a full roster of full-time employees sounds quite nice. But is that a possibility with every company on the planet – most importantly start-ups? Of course, not! Most small business hire freelance writers so that they don’t have to constantly watch and direct an entire team of fulltime in-house writers while avoiding overhead costs. The biggest benefit of working with freelancers is that you aren’t stuck with them forever.

You aren’t obligated to pay a monthly salary to a freelance writer because you’ll be charged only for the content written and delivered. You’re free from hassles of ‘firing’ them when they do nothing for you.

But that’s just one benefit to begin with. Freelance writers are also affordable, flexible, immediate, experienced and independent. The moment you hire one or more freelance writers of your choice, you’ll take the extra load off your existing employees’ shoulders as far as writing, editing and proofreading of documents or marketing content are concerned. A professional freelance writer always holds himself (or herself) accountable for crafting high quality content that helps your small business or company drive more engagement among the target audience and generate more revenues.

Businesses are investing in content like never before. The ever-increasing content marketing spend (both by B2B and B2C marketers) has driven the demand for freelance writers. What’s more, even a lot of successful writers are hiring other freelance writers for help.

The freelance writing industry is one occupational segment where supply outstrips demand to a larger degree. Instead of rushing into a hiring decision, you should take a step back, identify what your specific content creation requirements are and then proceed further. Most importantly, you should carefully vet the freelance writer you plan to bring on board.

In broad terms, freelance writers can be categorized into –


Highly qualified industry professionals, they’re the cream of the freelance writing community. Through their outstanding writing talent, they can propel a brand to the next level. It’s a sure thing that they’ll deliver the assigned writing projects in time – unless one of their failed competitors plagued by economic crisis has their work station bombed. God forbid!


Unless you’re a Hollywood celebrity or the CEO of a world-renowned brand, they can be the best hires. They have a sound grounding in English language while also being known for their timely delivery of content writing projects. Always striving to catch up with their high-priced counterparts, they deliver high quality content. In some cases, you may need to give them a little more tune-up time for getting the best value for your money. Most companies hire them for their content needs.


Not quite proficient in English, they usually exist to mob the freelance writing industry. You could easily decide to hire writers from among this riotous crowd for the cheap rates they offer. The content that they provide lacks professional fervor and is riddled with lots of spelling and grammar errors. In case you choose to work with (or fall prey to) them for your own unprofessional reasons, you’ll surely want to hire another more skilled writer for editing the content. In short – You’ll employ them at your own risk.

With each writing assignment that freelancers take up, they add on to their knowledge and skills. When you hire a freelance writer, therefore, you get the advantage of cashing in on all that experience.

But what payment formats do freelance writers follow? You may need to pay them by the word, by the content piece or by the hour. Most writers may quote you a discounted rate based on the volume of work you offer them. In any case, going with options like by the word or by the hour should be a no-no as they aren’t good measures of quality or results. But you should always remember to pay freelancers on time because they’re also among the key stakeholders of your company along with your on-site workers, clients and partners. Above all, they too have mouths to feed and bills to settle.

In case you might be wondering which category of freelance writers I associate myself with, let me put it candidly – I hate being cheap, but I love being reasonable while making a wholehearted endeavor to provide you with the expensive category writing quality. [Who knows I might as well someday make it to the expensive category list itself.]

If you’ve figured out that it’s time to seek professional help to turn your stack of content ideas into well-crafted advertisements, articles, blog posts, books/e-books, movie/television scripts, whitepapers or other types of marketing content material, hiring one or more freelance writers is the way to go. Why not take a quick look at my aptitude, technical proficiency and overall experience so as to decide whether I, as a freelance writer, can be a good fit for your specific content writing requirements? If you said YES, I would like you to know more about me!

Let me help you create well-researched, original and fresh content.